International Calling

International Calling allows you to call any country with the tariffs given below.


Country Country Code Local Access Number
Bahamas12429.53 cents
Bahamas Cellular124235918.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124264618.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124253518.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124254418.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124255118.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124255218.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124255418.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124255618.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124255718.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124255818.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124255918.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124256518.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124257718.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124263618.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124272718.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124255318.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124243718.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124246518.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124242518.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124242818.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124237518.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124237618.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124239518.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124242118.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124242218.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124242318.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124242418.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124242618.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124242718.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124235718.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124243618.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124243518.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124243418.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124243318.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124243218.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124243118.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124242918.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124252518.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124246718.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124245818.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124245718.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124245218.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124245618.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124245518.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124245318.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124245418.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124245118.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124243918.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124244118.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124244218.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124244318.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124244518.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124244618.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124244718.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124244818.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124244918.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124253318.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124246318.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124246818.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124247018.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124247118.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124247218.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124247318.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124247418.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124247518.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124247618.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124252418.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124248118.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124247918.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124247818.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124247718.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124246618.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124243818.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124246418.54 cents
Bahamas Cellular124246218.54 cents
Bahrain9734.7 cents
Bahrain Cellular97377.2 cents
Bahrain Cellular97337.2 cents
Bahrain Cellular-Batelco973396.96 cents
Bahrain Cellular-Batelco9733886.96 cents
Bahrain Cellular-Batelco9733856.96 cents
Bahrain Cellular-Batelco9733846.96 cents
Bahrain Cellular-Batelco9733836.96 cents
Bahrain Cellular-Zain973366.96 cents
Bahrain Cellular-Zain9736666.96 cents
Bahrain Cellular-Zain9736636.96 cents
Bahrain Cellular-Zain9733776.96 cents
Bahrain-Premium97392.83 cents
Bahrain-Premium97382.83 cents
Bangladesh8803.12 cents
Bangladesh Cellular88013.18 cents
Bangladesh Cellular-Aktel880183.18 cents
Bangladesh Cellular-City880113.18 cents
Bangladesh Cellular-Grameen880173.18 cents
Bangladesh Cellular-Sheba880193.18 cents
Bangladesh-Chittagong880313.12 cents
Bangladesh-Dhaka88023.6 cents
Bangladesh-Sylhet8808213.12 cents
Barbados124614.76 cents
Barbados Cellular124625523.28 cents
Barbados Cellular124625323.28 cents
Barbados Cellular12462323.28 cents
Barbados Cellular12462423.28 cents
Barbados Cellular124625023.28 cents
Barbados Cellular124625123.28 cents
Barbados Cellular124625223.28 cents
Barbados Cellular124625423.28 cents
Barbados Cellular-Digicel124625623.28 cents
Barbados Cellular-Digicel124625723.28 cents
Barbados Cellular-Digicel124625823.28 cents
Barbados Cellular-Digicel124625923.28 cents
Barbados Cellular-Digicel12462623.28 cents
Barbados Cellular-Digicel12468223.28 cents
Barbados Cellular-Digicel12468323.28 cents
Barbados Cellular-Digicel12468423.28 cents
Barbados Cellular-Digicel12468523.28 cents
Bermuda14413.49 cents
Bermuda Cellular14415903.79 cents
Bermuda Cellular144173.79 cents
Bermuda Cellular144133.79 cents
Bermuda Cellular1441523.79 cents
Bermuda Cellular1441513.79 cents
Bermuda Cellular1441533.79 cents
Bermuda Cellular1441503.79 cents
Bermuda Cellular14415993.79 cents
British Virgin Islands128412.78 cents
British Virgin Islands Cellular128454323.28 cents
British Virgin Islands Cellular128454523.28 cents
British Virgin Islands Cellular128496023.28 cents
British Virgin Islands Cellular128468923.28 cents
British Virgin Islands Cellular128454123.28 cents
British Virgin Islands Cellular128454023.28 cents
British Virgin Islands Cellular128449923.28 cents
British Virgin Islands Cellular128449623.28 cents
British Virgin Islands Cellular128446823.28 cents
British Virgin Islands Cellular128454423.28 cents
British Virgin Islands Cellular128454223.28 cents
British Virgin Islands Cellular128454723.28 cents
British Virgin Islands Cellular128446923.28 cents
British Virgin Islands Cellular128444423.28 cents
British Virgin Islands Cellular128444523.28 cents
British Virgin Islands Cellular128444323.28 cents
British Virgin Islands Cellular128444623.28 cents
British Virgin Islands Cellular128444223.28 cents
British Virgin Islands Cellular128444123.28 cents
British Virgin Islands Cellular128444023.28 cents
British Virgin Islands Cellular128434923.28 cents
British Virgin Islands Cellular128434823.28 cents
British Virgin Islands Cellular128430123.28 cents
British Virgin Islands Cellular128454623.28 cents
British Virgin Islands Cellular-Digicel128439323.28 cents
British Virgin Islands Cellular-Digicel128439423.28 cents
British Virgin Islands Cellular-Digicel128434323.28 cents
British Virgin Islands Cellular-Digicel128434423.28 cents
British Virgin Islands Cellular-Digicel128434723.28 cents
British Virgin Islands Cellular-Digicel128434623.28 cents
British Virgin Islands Cellular-Digicel128434523.28 cents
British Virgin Islands Cellular-Digicel128434223.28 cents
British Virgin Islands Cellular-Digicel128434123.28 cents
British Virgin Islands Cellular-Digicel128434023.28 cents
British Virgin Islands Cellular-Digicel128430023.28 cents
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